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Using the Oracle Glassfish v3 performance tuner

First check how many CPUs and memory the Glassfish servers have:
grep processor /proc/cpuinfo
grep MemTotal /proc/meminfo

If you see the following after the first command, this means there are 2 cpus available (0 and 1):
processor       : 0
processor       : 1

If you see the following after the second command, this means there is 4GB memory available:
MemTotal:        3924896 kB

Now logon to the Glassfish DAS web console and click on “Performance Tuner”.
  • Select the cluster which needs to be tuned, for example a-sfc
  • Enter the amount of memory which may be used by the JVM. Rule is total system amount minus 1GB, so in this case 3GB.
  • Enter the numbers of CPUs that are available to the system, in this case there are two.
  • Select Garbage Collection Strategy to: Low GC Pause (Lower Peak Throughput)
  • Click next

Screenshot of the above settings:

Settings for the cluster selected will be proposed. Accept all bij selecting the “Confirm” button. Repeat the performance tuner for every cluster if desired.